jane theodore

Jane Theodore lives and paints in Toronto, Canada. With a background in graphic design and illustration, she has had a successful career as a print-maker. In 2013, Jane shifted her focus exclusively to painting.

Jane’s work is a process-driven, spontaneous exploration of gesture, form and colour. Compositions are revealed as layers of paint are added and subtracted, forms appear and disappear, and the paint is scratched or scraped, exposing what lies beneath. Working on both paper and canvas, the paintings’ foundation is high-intensity colour, and invites an intuitive and visceral reaction.

" In the work of the artist Jane Theodore the compositions and the contrasts of shades are in the forefront. Strong colours appear as a translation of magic and harmonious intangible elements, and allow you to understand the intimate resonance with the sensitivity of the artist who makes these paintings living works. To give shape to her abstract vision, Jane Theodore works with a wide range of possibilities, transposes the conceptualization and makes you, the observer of her art, an accomplice."

José Roberto Moreira - Curator, Colorida Art Gallery